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SINGAPORE – An older man was asked to watch the 13-year-old cousin of a friend – but ended up sexually abusing him in public.

The 64-year-old – who can not be named because of a gag to protect the identity of the youngster – was chased eight years on Friday (August 24) after he was found guilty of two counts of mutual sexual penetration involving the minor, which is a low IQ.

He also admitted that the sexual exploitation of a child counts. Two other charges for similar crimes involving the boy were taken into account during the sentencing.

The court heard that the boy lives with his uncle, aunt and grandmother, because his mother is dead and his father lives elsewhere.

He met the older man through his uncle in December 2015.

On 20 March 2016, the boy accompanied his uncle to a coffee shop on Block 516 West Coast Road around 7:00 PM, where they met the older man.

The man sat at a table next to the boy when he felt the private parts of the child. The boy's uncle decided later to go home after consuming a few glasses of beer.

Deputy Prosecutor Asoka Markandu said: "Because the victim was familiar with the accused, he (the uncle) told the victim that he could stay with the accused and that the suspect would bring him home later."

The location of the teenager's home was not mentioned in court documents.

The older man kept drinking in the coffee shop before he left with the boy later that evening.

The couple cycled to Block 714 Clementi West Street 2 and stopped at a nearby pavilion where they performed sexual acts the next day at 1 a.m.

Two witnesses saw them and warned a friend who fulfilled his national service with the Singapore police.

The officer of service then sent an SMS to his colleagues about the incident.

More officers came to the site to interrogate the boy and the older man before they were both taken for further investigation.

For every count of sexually penetrating minors younger than 14 years old, offenders may be sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined or beaten. The man can not be admitted, since he is over 50 years old.

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