Man who no longer placed the image of the torn Singapore flag on Facebook with DBS Bank

SINGAPORE: The man who posted on Facebook a depiction of a torn Singapore flag on Facebook is no longer an employee of DBS Bank, the bank said Tuesday (August 28).

Mr. Avijit Das Patnaik posted the photo on the Singapore Indians & Expats Facebook page on the eve of India's Independence Day two weeks ago. The group has 11,000 members.

The post – which showed a photograph of a T-shirt with a Singapore flag on it while being pulled apart by a pair of hands to reveal an Indian flag underneath – was accompanied by the inscription "Phir Bhi Dil Hai. . "which roughly translates into" Yet my heart … "in Hindi.

The post went viral with many netizens commenting that it was abusive and insulting to Singapore. The mail has now been removed.

DBS said in a reaction to complaints on his Facebook page on August 19 that Mr. Patnaik had posted the image because he wanted to show that, even if he is in Singapore, he is still of Indian descent & # 39 ;

"When he realized that the image was insulting, he immediately removed it," DBS said, adding that he had advised Mr. Patnaik.

dbs respond to paitnik

On Tuesday, DBS issued a statement on its Facebook page stating that Mr. Patnaik was no longer employed.

"DBS strongly rejects such actions by our employees, and it is right and proper that all employees get the benefit of a fair trial", said the bank in a Facebook message.

"Since the incident, a disciplinary committee has been convened and from 24 August he is no longer with the bank."

It is not clear whether Mr Patnaik has resigned or has been dismissed from his position.

According to the National Anthem Act of Singapore Arms and Flag, a person who treats the flag with respect can receive a fine of up to S $ 1,000.

The police confirmed with Channel NewsAsia that a report was drawn up and that investigations are under way.

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