Merdeka package – the generation has earned it, Letters in printed news and top stories

I applaud the government effort for the Merdeka package (& # 39; Merdeka Generation & # 39; to get help in health care, Aug. 20).

If the Pioneer Generation were the ones who started modern Singapore, the Merdeka generation has built and supported it during our 53 years of success.

This generation tore and saved to provide for those who are the pillars of the country today. They have given us a country that now attracts global investors and talents.

Now that they are in their 60s, it's time for us to take care of them with packages for their health, transport and daily necessities.

An example is a high subsidized interest rate for 4G data plans for seniors, to help them with the digital journey without incurring extra monthly costs.

Lee Ju Guang

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