MND & # 39; s Tan Meng Dui has appointed NEA & # 39; s new CEO

SINGAPORE: The National Environmental Agency (NEA) will receive a new CEO from 2 October, on Tuesday (August 21), announcing the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR).

Mr. Tan Meng Dui, deputy secretary (Development) at the Ministry of National Development (MND), will succeed Mr. Ronnie Tay, who is retiring from the administrative department.

Mr. Tay, 54, has been CEO of NEA since 1 July 2013.

Under his leadership, NEA has "achieved significant results" in assessing key policy measures, MEWR said, adding that Mr. Tay played a key role in managing cross-border haze, including the adoption of the law on cross-border pollution control.

During his time as CEO, NEA reviewed the Zika outbreak in Singapore, tested new measures to combat dengue, introduced carbon taxation and various initiatives to address food waste, e-waste and packaging waste.

Tay also played a key role in steering the development of 20 new hawker centers, the ministry added.

The new CEO was a former deputy secretary (technology) at the Ministry of Defense and held the rank of Brigadier General in the Singapore armed forces.

Mr. Tan, aged 50, was the returning official for presidential and parliamentary elections last year.

"MEWR would like to announce our deep appreciation for the invaluable contributions of Mr. Ronnie Tay to NEA and the MEWR family and to welcome Mr. Tan Meng Dui," said the ministry.

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