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SINGAPORE – The maker of popular video series Nas Daily, Mr. Nuseir Yassin, left Singapore almost a week ago, but that did not stop him from posting a video about the country on Monday (September 17).

The video, almost 5 minutes long, is the almost perfect country, and differs from the usual style of short, 1-minute clips of Mr. Yassin.

In it, the video blogger Singapore says "a country that has the same problems as (the rest of the world), but has managed to find solutions".

One of the "solutions" in Mr Yassin's video is Singapore's multiracial housing policy, the limits for car numbers and Newater.

Yassin said: "When I saw the way they built and did things, from water systems, to airports, buildings and gardens, I was surprised because all the problems solved above in 53 years since they became independent."

The video also featured a guest appearance by Premier Lee Hsien Loong, who is being filmed as he walks in the Gardens by the Bay.

In the video, Lee said: "This is what we have been building in Singapore for 53 years and we will continue to build it for many years to come."

Lee later shared the video of Mr. Yassin on his Facebook page and said he was pleased that he had overtaken Mr. Yassin and that the perspective of the latter on Singapore is "new and unique".

He added: "Often an outsider can help us see ourselves in a new light."

Mr. Yassin acknowledged in his video that Singapore has a large share of the problems, including inequality, high prices, the low wages of foreign workers and the government that is too restrictive.

He also said, "Singapore has a lot of problems, but unlike many (other countries), they try to repair them."

The vlogger added: "I love Singapore, because we can learn a lot from it! If in 53 years they can solve so many problems, why not?"

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