NDR 2018: Geylang Serai becomes & # 39; culturally distinctive & # 39; made with improved night lights, more activity spaces

SINGAPORE: The government will work with community stakeholders to make Geylang Serai more culturally distinctive, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said when he announced plans to make the place "even more vibrant and special."

In his speech in Malay on the National Day Rally on Sunday (August 19), Lee said: "We can do more to make Geylang Serai a culturally distinctive area that stretches from the Tanjong Katong Complex to Kampong Ubi. CC ".

"WGS (Wisma Geylang Serai) can use the open field and the parking garage next door for activities," he added, referring to the new Malay Islamic social, cultural and heritage hub next to the iconic market from Geylang Serai.

"We can beautify and coordinate night lights and change the junction for WGS into a landmark to create a distinctive feeling and sense of arrival."

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South East District Mayor Maliki Osman, also Senior Minister of State for Defense and Foreign Affairs, will lead the project and collaborate with local merchants, government agencies and MESRA, the Malaysian activity council of the People & # 39; s Association .

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