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I'm upset about the $ 10,028 bid for the hawker stall at Chomp Chomp Food Center. Fortunately, the bidder had a change of heart (Woman offers record rent of $ 10k for Chomp Chomp-stall, bidder ends deal on record $ 10.028 per month for Chomp Chomp hawker stall, both on August 30th).

My respect for the other sober hawkers who had offered an average of $ 1,707.50 in the same pedestrian center since last year.

The National Environmental Agency (NEA) must seriously reconsider and renew its entire procurement system.

From now on, NEA bases its decision on purely financial terms – the bidder who can offer the highest rental price per month takes it all, let alone the quality of the food he serves.

Let's look at the consequences.

To pay an exorbitant rent, the hawker will have to sell and serve more dishes.

This can cause him to recite, reduce the quality of the ingredients and serve smaller portions.

Peddlers are stressed and customers do not get value for their money.

NEA should adopt a courageous and innovative approach.

Reward the successful tender based on factors such as the quality and uniqueness of the food, as well as the dedication and financial conditions of the hawker.

Account must also be taken of other types of auctions: the Dutch auction, where the auctioneer starts with a high asking price and lowers it until a participant accepts the price or reaches a predetermined minimum price; French auction, where peddlers place sealed bids for quantity and price after which the NEA can stipulate a minimum and maximum price; Vickrey auction, where the winning bidder pays the second highest bid instead of his.

NEA must try other approaches to preserve the originality and quality of food here.

It is an opportune moment, especially after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced that the Hawker culture of Singapore will be nominated for inclusion on the Unesco list of representatives of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Michael Lum

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