New waterfront district in Punggol to open, more than 2,000 new flats to be launched in August, Housing News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – More than 2,000 families can opt for living on the water when two residential projects in a new district of Punggol are launched later in August.

The Punggol Point District occupies the northeastern tip of the city of Punggol, where the country meets the Johor Strait, and was conceived as a smart and green city that pays homage to its heritage as an agricultural area, the HDB said on Sunday, August 26th. .

The projects – the Punggol Point Cove with 1,172 units and Punggol Point Woods with 940 units – are expected to be completed in 2023. They are located next to the new Punggol Coast MRT station, which will open in the same year.

One of the main features of Punggol Point is a new heritage path along Old Punggol Road, once the main transport route for farmers and fishermen who transported their goods from Punggol to Serangoon.

This will be a walking path of 1.5 km long and offers a seamless connection from MyWaterway @ Punggol to the Punggol jetty.

The heritage path has a green buffer area of ​​10 meters on both sides of the roadway, while maintaining "the rustic atmosphere, the green tunnel effect and the undulating terrain of the Old Punggol Road", according to the Housing Board.

An old bus stop that once served the only two buses in the area has also been preserved.

The HDB also promised easy access to restaurants, shops and recreational facilities in the area by means of public transport, walking, cycling and possibly autonomous buses and on-demand shuttles in the future.

In addition, housing projects will be designed to provide residents and visitors with easy access and enjoyment of the coast. They will be integrated into the existing Punggol promenade via green spaces and parks.

A Heritage Trail offers a seamless connection from My Waterway @ Punggol to the Punggol jetty. PHOTO: HDB

Punggol Town consists of 11 districts, including seven residential areas on the water. PHOTO: HDB

This is the fifth of the seven residential areas on the waterfront, planned for Punggol, which will have a total of 11 districts.

Some 25,700 flats in the first four water neighborhoods have been offered with more than 31 Build-to-Order projects, with a take-up of nearly 100 percent, the HDB said in its statement on Sunday.

An exhibition about the plans for Punggol Point District will be held at the HDB Hub Sales Atrium on Tuesday. The public can visit the exhibition and share what they would like to see along the Heritage Trail, said the HDB.

Punggol-resident Tracy Peh, 40, welcomed the course, which according to her would serve as a good source of information for residents and future generations.

The client relationship manager, who often visited Punggol as a child, said that at that time, it's just a lot of plants and abandoned farms. used to be.

"Now it's a lively residential area, but we can still keep nature through parks and Coney Island," she said. "The Heritage Trail helps new generations get an idea of ​​the changes."

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