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The current batch of nominated members of parliament (NMPs) did not shy away from the status quo, but presented their positions with respect in Parliament, said Leader of the house Grace Fu yesterday.

By doing so, they have contributed to healthy debates in the House and Singapore and Singaporeans placed first, she added.

Ms. Fu, the Minister of Culture, Community and Youth, thanked the nine NMPs, of whom this term of 21/2 years ends this month.

They are: car company senior vice president Azmoon Ahmad; vice president of media company Ganesh Rajaram; theater group artistic director Kok Heng Leun; legislator Mahdev Mohan; and unionist K. Thanaletchimi, who all served a term, and corporate lawyer Chia Yong Yong; businessman Thomas Chua; social entrepreneur Kuik Shiao Yin; and labor economist Randolph Tan, who has fulfilled two terms.

So far Mrs. Kuik, Mr. Chua, Mr. Kok and Mr. Azmoon have confirmed that they are resigning.

Ms. Fu said that in recent years there has been an increase in alternative views and interest in a broader range of topics among the population, adding that NMPs had done well to represent these diverse perspectives.


The NMPs have embodied the spirit of the Parliament by putting Singapore and Singaporeans first. On behalf of Parliament, I would like to thank them for their valuable contributions to Parliament.

MS GRACE FU, leader of the House and Minister for Culture, Community and Youth.

She wrote them for attention to topics such as workplace intimidation, criminal law and income inequality, and praised five NMPs who cooperated in July to propose a motion on education.

"The NMPs have embodied the spirit of the Parliament by putting Singapore and Singaporeans first, and on behalf of the House I want to thank them for their valuable contributions to Parliament," she said.

Later, Kok, on behalf of the NMP's, thanked the government and fellow MPs for their patience and generosity in debates.

This prompted Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin's speaker that the NMP had used 30 seconds of his 20-minute assignment for a delayed motion calling for more flexibility in allowing spontaneous performances or art displays in public spaces.

Kok said that there are discussions about whether art in public space can and should be allowed over the years, such as a golden stairway & # 39; in an HDB block.

He suggested that an independent body consisting of legal experts, artistic staff and other stakeholders could be set up to investigate complaints and bring together the artists and those who entered into the problem with the artwork for dialogue.

"If the city and the public spaces are meant for the public, it must be safe and permissible for everyone to be there, to communicate, to exchange information and ideas, as long as the exchange does not cause any … disorder a right to the city, a right for everyone, "he said.

Fu said the government replied that she worked closely with the private and human sectors to provide a wide range of visual and performing arts in Singapore's public areas.

But she said that a careful balance between artists and stakeholders who own or use public buildings needs to be addressed because the public spaces in Singapore serve a wide range of needs.

It must take into account and respect different perspectives, values ​​and ways of life in the multicultural and multi-generational society of Singapore, she added.

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