Older man gets 8 years in prison for the sexual abuse of 13-year-old boy

SINGAPORE: A 64-year-old man who sexually abused his nephew was sentenced to eight years in prison on Friday (August 24).

The 13-year-old, who can not be named because of a gag-sequence, has an IQ-limit of 70.

The suspect, Zailany Mohamed, grew up in the same village as the victim's uncle.

On the evening of March 20, 2016, the boy and his uncle went to a coffee shop in West Coast Road to meet Zailany. When they arrived, Zailany had already drunk several bottles of beer with another friend.

They sat and talked for a while. The boy sat next to Zailany, who bothered him under the table. The boy pushed his hand away.

Some time after nineteen, the boy's uncle decided to return home. He told his cousin that Zailany could send him home later.

Zailany stayed in the coffee shop with his other friend until after 11 pm when his friend left.

Zailany then told the boy that he would send him home. They stopped short of midnight at a pavilion at an HDB flat and sat down on a couch. Zailany started talking to the victim about sex.

He molested and then wiped the boy. Then he kissed the boy and spermed from his mouth into the boy. The victim spit the sperm on the floor.

Zailany continued to penetrate the boy before he penetrated the boy.


Their actions did not go unnoticed. Two 20-year-old men, Mr. Muhd ​​Zulfadhli Zulkafli and Mr. Muhd ​​Azizi Razzali, saw Zailany and the boy behave intimately in the pavilion.

They called a foreign police force of the national police force, Mr. Nur Hafizan Putra Hadinan, who lived nearby, and told him that they had seen an older and a young boy in public sex.

Hafizan (23) went downstairs to meet the two witnesses and then went to see what was going on before he warned the police.

Zailany and the boy were still in the pavilion when the police arrived. Police noticed that the boy tried to pull his shirt over his shorts, the court heard.

When the police asked the boy to lift his shirt, they saw that his shorts had been unpacked and unbuttoned.

The agents also noticed white liquid on the floor for the couple.


Zailany pleaded guilty of an accusation for sexual exploitation of a child and two accusations of sexual penetration of a minor on Friday. Two other charges were taken into account for the conviction.

His pro-deo lawyer, Mr Periowsamy Otharam, said that Zailany – who is divorced and has no children – is homeless, even though he works as a logistics contractor.

Zailany, who recently also had the diagnosis of dizziness, is "extraordinarily repentant" and regrets his actions, the lawyer said, adding that he is "a fool and did not realize the weight of his actions until his arrest".

Mr. Otharam also said that Zailany had admitted that it was unwise to admit his sexual urges and that the incident was due to the fact that he was under the influence of alcohol.

District Judge John Ng sentenced him to eight years in prison. He can not be admitted if he is older than 50 years.

For sexual penetration of a minor, Zailany could have been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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