Once a beneficiary himself, the Salvation Army spokesman, Major Hary Haran, gives back to those in need – this is his story, Business Insider.

(From left to right) Lu JiaQuan, co-founder, imaginem; Peter Vesterbacka, entrepreneur and brand breaker at Lightneer; Major Hary Haran, territorial secretary for staff, The Salvation Army Singapore
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With towering skyscrapers and first-class infrastructure, Singapore is known as one of the richest countries in the world. But behind the glitz and glamor are the invisible members of society – the poor.

The Salvation Army Singapore is working with imaginem, a social start-up for photography, to launch a new campaign entitled "Making the Invisible, Visible & # 39; This campaign wants to shine a spotlight on the plight of the less fortunate in Singapore.

In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Major Hary Haran, the spokesman for this campaign, who is also the territorial secretary for personnel of the custody army in Singapore, encouraged his burning passion for helping people in need.

He said, "I grew up in a situation where I lost my father when I was five years old, and there are seven other brothers and sisters with me."

He confessed that his mother, who was having difficult moments with raising eight children, was the one who taught him how to serve "suffering humanity".

The other reason that motivated him to become a member of the Salvation Army were the people who helped him during the difficult moments he had as a child.

He said, "I appreciate the well-wishers who have blessed and supported me, I have received so much that I think I should give."

Major Haran feels deeply connected to the beneficiaries of The Salvation Army Singapore.

"Every child has a different background and some are worse than others," he said, washing away his tears.

"Some of them are really difficult, they run, they play truant with you," he added, "but with our help they can grow out of it".

He said, "Every month we receive a wedding card from them … we receive invitations for their graduates, that's the rewarding part for us, that they still keep their relationships with us, come back to us and give us a part of their celebrations. to make. "

Major Haran remembered a certain story that was most important to him.

"During the Chinese New Year, when most children went home to be with their parents, there were people who did not have the chance to do so, we organized a party for the remaining children and said they had to use their skills.

"And that was the turning point where one of our beneficiaries discovered that he could cook.Two years ago he started his own food business and today is a donor to the Salvation Army. & # 39;

Major Haran hopes that the public will donate to the Salvation Army in Singapore to support children in need and help them make their dreams come true.

Through the campaign & # 39; Making the Invisible, Visible & # 39; The Salvation Army wants to pick up Singapore S $ 150,000 ($ 109,057). The money will be used to change the lives of their beneficiaries through social programs and services.

The public can give the case here.

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