One dead, one to NUH after an accident with four cabins outside of Gleneagles, the latest news in Singapore

A 70-year-old man who was in a taxi died after a new taxi crashed yesterday outside the entrance to Gleneagles hospital.

The exact cause of death is unknown.

Two other cars were also involved in the accident, which took place along the service road of the hospital, the police said, adding that they were alerted at 11.21 am.

One of the taxi drivers, a 62-year-old man, was stabilized by medical staff at the private hospital before he was taken to the National University Hospital, a public hospital, in a conscious state.

The Straits Times reported that he was driving an SMRT taxi.


The other cabby was driving in a Trans-Cab vehicle, of which the two passengers were allegedly a father and a son from Indonesia. Both received medical assistance at the Gleneagles hospital.

The 70-year-old father, who later died, was on his way to the hospital for an investigation into a heart condition.

His 42-year-old son got out of the taxi before he fainted. His father did not come out of the vehicle.

It is clear that the accident happened when the SMRT cabby stopped to get his passenger off.

But instead it collides with the other three vehicles. – TIMOTHY GOH

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