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Wash your hands well, thank your toilet staff and even get to know the different names for toilets.

These are some of the things children will learn at kindergarten from a new booklet that was launched yesterday by the Restroom Association (Singapore) or RAS, because it marks its 20th anniversary.

The booklet is meant for children at kindergarten and kindergarten level and includes games and activities such as word puzzles and mazes that teach good toilet habits.

The booklet contains a manual for teachers and parents, which contains resources for projects and activities for washing hands and cleaning toilets.

Both have been developed by the RAS and Viso, a company that distributes hand dryers here.

"When they are young, that is the best time to print (good toilet habits)," said RAS president Tan Puay Hoon.

A non-profit organization started in 1998 and the RAS wants an 'excellent restroom culture & # 39; to build.

Attending the launch event was associate professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, senior parliamentary secretary for education and social and family development.

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    Number of kindergartens helped since the program Happy Toilets @ Preschools was launched in 2015.

The association became involved in pre-schools in 2015, when it started the Happy Toilets @ Preschools program.

The program is a form of accreditation aimed at ensuring that toilets for school applications comply with hygiene standards and that nursery children use good toilet hygiene.

The program has helped more than 100 kindergartens since it was launched.

Last month, the RAS also launched training workshops for teachers of about 10 kindergartens, as part of a program with the Early Childhood Development Agency. The organization hopes to hold similar workshops next year for at least 15 extra kindergartens.

The booklet and guide were launched during an event at Cherie Hearts @ Charlton, a kindergarten in Charlton Lane, which is located on Upper Serangoon Road.

Mrs. Janna Guo, 32, a customer service manager, said that her five-year-old son Caius Koh, who attends nursery school, now respects toilet hygiene and washes his hands well every day.

"He will say things like" Mommy, you know when to go to the toilet, wash your hands and keep the toilet clean. "

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