Research on the HDB after finding the newspaper filled in walls of flat

SINGAPORE: The Housing and Development Board (HDB) investigates after a video has surfaced online with pieces of newspaper filled in the sidewalls of an HDB flat balcony.

The video was posted on Facebook on Thursday and has since been about 200,000 views.

The newspaper refill was recently discovered when the flat owner decided to replace the windows, HDB said.

"The windows on the balcony were installed in 1999 by a renovation contractor in the service of the flat owner. During this installation the contractor had placed newspaper printing in the walls", says HDB. The balcony was completed in 1984.

In a Facebook message on Sunday (August 19), HDB said that they "will take the necessary action if the contractor forgets the renovation".

There are no structural security issues and the wall has been rectified, HDB confirmed.

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