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SINGAPORE – The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) investigates a man seen in Punggol, who donned a Singaporean uniform with a badge suggesting he was a senior officer.

A photograph of the man, who is on the Reservist Facebook page on Saturday, shows him the green, pixelated "number four" army uniform, decorated with various badges and patches.

The rank on the uniform seems to be that of a major and the man also has a tattoo on his right upper arm.

The Ministry of Defense (Mindef) said in a statement on Sunday (2 September) that the SAF is aware of the case and that the investigation is still ongoing.

"Impersonation of SAF personnel is a serious offense and offenders are liable for prosecution," Mindef added.

Reactions on the Facebook post suggest that the man has been seen a few times around Hougang and Punggol.

Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News also reported on Sunday that an unnamed member of a Punggol coffee shop confirmed that they had seen the man at least two or three times.

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