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SINGAPORE – Master Sergeant (MSG) Harinderjit Singh had brought his daughter to school on the morning of July 9, but withdrew immediately when he saw an elderly man lying motionless on the road.

A large amount of blood had been pooled around the man's head.

The soldier's six-year-old daughter looked from the car as her father rushed to the side of the man and provided first aid-an action that may have saved Mr Md Ali Yakeen Shah's life.

"My first thought was to provide immediate assistance to the person who was motionless on the road," MSG Singh, 39, told The Straits Times in an e-mail interview on Wednesday (Aug. 22).

Last month, ST reported that the police had been warned of the accident at the intersection of Still Road and Changi Road with a bike and motorcycle at 6.17.

Ali, 81, was unconscious when he was taken to the Changi General Hospital, but is now recovering at the hospital.

He had to be treated in the intensive care unit about two weeks after an emergency operation because of internal bleeding from his head injury.

In an August 14 article on the website of the Singaporean army, MSG Singh also managed the power traffic at the intersection and called in the assistance of three spectators to call an ambulance and the police.

He attributed his ability to calmly adjust the situation to his military training.

"The training of our army requires that we handle various forms of operations and it prepares us for a good approach in all kinds of situations," he said.

After he dropped off his daughter at school, MSG Singh went to the hospital to check Mr Ali. There he met his daughter, Mrs. Darasiah Md Ali, who had fled to the hospital when she heard of her father's misfortune.

In the article Darasiah said that her family was very grateful to MSG Singh. "A thousand thanks will never be enough to answer the help he has given to my father, & # 39; she said.

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