Survey 44% does not resonate with PM Lee announcements on NDR

After Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave his speech during the National Day Rally on Sunday (August 19), Yahoo! The news decided yesterday (Aug. 20) to release a poll to try to find out from Singapore what the best announcement was from PM Lee's rally speech.

Among other things, PM dealt with the problems of 99-year renting of HDB flats, upgrading and redeveloping older buildings, unveiled a "Merdeka generation package" for those born in the 1950s and entered into the water contract with Malaysia.

In terms of healthcare, PM has also extended the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) to all Singaporeans with chronic conditions irrespective of income.

He also said that the government has nominated Hawker culture for UNESCO list.

So, what was the announcement that most resonated with Singaporeans?

Today at 19.00 hours (21 August), 2,940 people voted. The poll shows that the majority of people (44%) seemed to have a different opinion about his speech and did not think much about his following statements:

  • Merdeka generation package
  • CHAS extension
  • Nominate Singapore Hawker culture for UNESCO list
  • PM statement for 99-year HDB lease
  • HDB flats are upgraded twice

Negative reactions from netizens

On Yahoo! News page, many netizens threw brickbats at PM Lee's speech:

A netizen actually contained the feelings of many others who were not impressed by PM's speech:

Just by the results of the polls, it is clear that the problems he supposedly had & # 39; addressed & # 39; not the most critical concerns of the local Singaporeans. The critical grievance most Singaporeese people have is the Cost of Living, which has been glossed over and obscured by dubious repackaged health care plans & # 39; in different forms. The exorbitant costs of HDB (public housing), property, rent, etc., were carefully disguised.


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