Teen e-scooter driver who collided with girl, 5, a fine of $ 2,000

A teenage e-scooter driver was in a hurry to reach his destination when he tried to weave between a man and his five-year-old daughter walking along a sheltered walkway.

Cao Jiahan, 18, managed to avoid the father, but bumped into the girl and left her with abrasions on her limbs and a bruise on her forehead.

The Chinese national student was fined $ 2,000 after being guilty of causing pain by a negligent act yesterday.

The court heard that Cao was riding on a sheltered walkway outside the Sembawang MRT station at about 8 o'clock on 8 May when he approached Mr Mouzzammil Poovanitheruvath Maliyekal, 43, and his daughter from behind.

The student rang his bell to alert them to his presence, said deputy public prosecutor Darshini Ramiah. He then tried to drive past them, but bumped into the girl, Maryam Mouzzammil, making her fall.

Mr Mouzzammil then quickly rushed to help his daughter, while Cao got off his e-scooter and apologized.

Cao asked SMRT staff for help and guided the girl to Healthwerkz Medical Center at the MRT station for treatment. Later in the day Mr Mouzzammil brought Maryam to Yishun Polyclinic for further treatment.

The total costs of the medical costs were $ 98.90, which was paid by Cao, the DPP said.

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