The average performance bonus for political office-holders fell slightly in 2017

SINGAPORE: The average performance bonus of Singapore's political officeholders was 4.1 months in 2017 – a five-year low – according to figures shared in a written parliamentary response by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday (10 September).

Mr. Lee responded to a question from the MP Leon Perera, non-electoral district of the Party of Labor Party.

The average performance bonus was 4.3 months in 2016, 4.4 in 2015, 4.2 in 2014 and 4.3 in 2013.

The range of the performance bonus of three to six months received by political office holders of all ranks remained constant from 2013 to 2017.

Performance bonus for ministers

The performance bonus is one of the many components of the salary of a political office holder, except the monthly wage. The other components include a 13th month non-pensionable annual allowance, a national bonus linked to the socio-economic results of Singapore and an annual variable component paid to civil servants.

Said Mr Lee: "I formed a committee in 2017 to assess whether the salary framework established in 2012 is suitable and valid for the intended goals and which adjustments could be useful and whether it is necessary to adjust the salaries in case of a change in the total salary levels based on the proposed framework. "

In Parliament in March, he pointed to the announcement by deputy prime minister Teo Chee Hean that the salaries of ministers and their guiding principles would remain unchanged, as the committee confirmed that the current remuneration structure remained "healthy".

"That's why we have to keep this structure," Lee said. "Although the MR4 (or boarding minister) benchmark has increased by 9 percent since 2011, the government noted that the 2017 MR4 benchmark was below the MR4 benchmark for 2016 and therefore decided to keep salaries at the current level. keep track of salary trends and that remains the position. "

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