The behavior of parents is important in care and control matters, Letters in printed news and top stories

I do not deny the traditional role and the interest of both parents in raising a child (better balance between men and women in the family justice system, by Daniel Lim, 21 August).

However, if a parent has chosen to abuse his or her rights of deprivation of liberty and has chosen to be malicious to the other parent through the child, the court is right to correct a harmful situation that may be detrimental to the child. set and straighten. When both parents work together to promote the interests of the child, no judicial intervention is required; but in cases where a child is used by one parent as a pawn against another, we must feel grateful that we have a cautious system in Singapore to proclaim the threat.

The court does not look at gender when determining who should be given custody, care and control. It looks at the history of care and the relationship each parent has had with the child since birth.

Keep in mind that getting custody, care and control is not a trophy in a custodial battle – it is accompanied by great responsibility and caring.

Parents who are found guilty of committing parent duties and are guilty of hateful malice are denied custody, care and control, not because of sex, but because their behavioral pattern has indicated to the court that they simply are not able to child or the child's interest first.

Again, a judgment regarding custody, care and control is not a mathematical game of finding simple arithmetical equality, nor is it about the parents and what is reasonable for them.

It concerns the child and the necessary legal parameters that must be set up to ensure an environment that is most conducive to the growth of a child.

Lily Ong (Mrs)

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