The NatRefs Show: episode 63!

In this episode, we look at the American EPA that increases the HC limit for domestic refrigerators and ATMOsphere Asia in Singapore.

Brought by shecco Media, the NatRefs Show offers an overview of the most important natural refrigerants news from the websites, and

In this episode, Shecco & # 39; s North American editor Michael Garry joins shecco's European editor Andrew Williams to discuss recent news that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will raise the limit on hydrocarbons in household refrigerators .

The two regional editors also look at the IGA Market Central in Australia, looking for a CO2 transcritical HVAC & R system in its new supermarket in Sydney.

Next we go to the Asia Pacific where shecco's APAC reporter Devin Yoshimoto is interviewed by Dario Belluomini, from shecco's European market development team, about the forthcoming ATMOsphere Asia conference in Singapore.

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