The new staff of Singapore demands a higher salary

Candidate candidates at entry level of future-oriented industries expect much higher salaries than their counterparts in traditional sectors in Singapore.

In 2017, novice candidates from the scientific and technical sectors experienced the highest salary increases compared to 2016, according to the most recent data from

HR can also expect to pay the highest for candidates in the IT, IT, engineering and building and construction industries.

Although traditional sectors such as accounting and finance saw a drastic fall in their starting salaries, it continues to see the highest demand from employers, with 36% leaping into vacancies on

According to the site here are the top 10 starting salaries: [19659006] IT: $ 2775

  • Building and construction: $ 2,738
  • Engineering: $ 2,598
  • Science: $ 2,587
  • Sales and marketing: $ 2,535
  • Starting salaries for entry level HR professionals can be a little lower – candidates can expect about $ 2,300 on average. The figure is slightly higher than $ 2233 the year before. This is based on an annual salary guide by recruiting specialists Kelly Services.

    However, the salaries depend on position:

    • HR assistant / official: $ 1,900 to $ 3,600 (range due to diploma / credential evaluation)
    • L & D manager: $ 2,200 to $ 2,800
    • Training Coordinator : $ 2,500 to $ 3,500

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