The police investigate that the Facebook post of the Singapore flag is torn apart

4 days after a Facebook message was not respected that the flag of Singapore went viral, the police have investigated this case.

The relevant Facebook post showed a black T-shirt with an image of the torn flag of Singapore. reveal an Indian flag below it

The post was made by a permanent resident of Singapore, Avijit Das Patnaik, on Tuesday (August 14) in a "Singapore Indians and Expats" group, which contained about 11,000 members.

The Hindi words "Phir bhi dil hai …" is derived from a popular song and roughly translates to "Still my heart is …". Incidentally, Wednesday (August 15) marks the 72nd Independence Day of India.

Mr. Patnaik told the mainstream media that he had seen the post on different accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Whatspp and did not think twice about sharing it.

"I did not design the image and had already seen it spread widely … so I assumed it was good for me to place the image."

"I love Singapore very much and I am always full of praise for this country, so it was never my intention to cause so much suffering, represented in the heart, also the heart beats our mother country. "

Despite this, reactions to social media revealed that many Singaporeans were disrespectful. saw.

A netizen Gerald Tan remarked that such a message was not acceptable: "After more than 10 years of being here and having been given the chance to earn more than 20 times with what he can earn back, he had better need to know then to bite the hand that had given him something to eat. "

DBS – where Mr. Patnaik works – noted that she is going to the

Under the Singapore Arms and Flag and the National Anthem Act, a person who treats the national flag with respect will receive a maximum fine of $ 1,000.

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This entry was posted in current affairs.

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