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SINGAPORE – A third man was sentenced to jail after a group of nine Singaporeans had been hunting and had attacked a man and his friend on an empty deck in Toa Payoh.

Aravinthan, 30 – who goes by one name – picked up a penknife from 20-year-old Nathaniel Suren Kumar Siva Kumar and stabbed him twice in the thigh in a revenge.

Aravinthan pleaded guilty to unlawful meeting to voluntarily injure, illegally possession of a baton to be extended and another census of voluntary pain caused by a separate incident in April last year.

He was sentenced to 26 months in prison for revolt and assault plus another six weeks for illegal gun possession.

The court heard that the group wanted to take revenge on Suren after he allegedly attacked Darivindran Chandra Mohan (26) in a nightclub in November 2016.

They went to Suren in the nightclub of St James Power Station on December 4 on December 4, but could not find him, so they went to his house in Toa Payoh Lorong 5, where they saw him with his friend on an empty deck drinking Virrat Viswamoorthy, 20.

The group yelled at the couple and snatched their phones.

Darivindran challenged Suren to fight one-on-one, but Suren refused.

The group then started attacking Suren and Virrat. Aravinthan stabbed Suren with a pen knife twice in the thigh, while the others beat and kicked him.

When Virrat tried to help Suren, the group aimed their attack at him and hit him in the face. Virrat, who contracted eye injuries, managed to disengage from the group and escaped.

Suren continued to bleed to the floor as the group fled the empty deck in a car.

A member of the public called the police around 9 am, and Suren was taken to hospital with injuries including a broken thigh and cuts. He was admitted to the hospital for 26 days.

District judge Kessler Soh said that Aravinthan did not cause the most serious injury to the victim, and acknowledged that he had not attacked "a more vulnerable part like the face".

Last week, Rajendran Seganathan, aged 35, was put in prison for 20 months, while Mithunraj Thiruchelvam (24) was imprisoned for 19 months because of their role in the attack.

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