Track error causes delay on late night on East-West Line

SINGAPORE: A rail failure on the east-west line caused delays of more than one hour between the Tampine MRT station and the MR Passir Ris on Saturday (August 18) night.

SMRT first reported commuters of the railway fault around 10 pm

In a tweet, commuters were warned that the travel time between the two stations would be delayed by 20 minutes.

Free regular bus services between stations were also available, according to SMRT. [19659002] In an update at around 10.20 AM SMRT said that its technicians were "working on the problem" and that the train service would be resumed in five minutes.

However, in several later updates SMRT said that commuters would expect a longer travel time of 10 minutes between Tampines station and the Pasir Ris station.

SMRT later said at 11.45 hours that the normal train services between the stations concerned had resumed.

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