Where to get comfort food for $ 10 and under, Latest Makan News

Who says that you need a lot of money to eat? Here are some comfort dishes under $ 10 that you can try.

Deep fried mixed minced meat and seafood dumplings, $ 9 for 10 pieces
Jing Hua Xiao Chi, 21 Neil Road (Tel: 6337-7601)

Dumplings (or guo-das) are an excellent quick meal, and fried dumplings are often delicious because of the mix of crispy skin and the filling of juicy meat. The dumplings are made here with a thicker crust to give more bite, and the unconventional shape provides sharper edges.

Fish Lor Mee, $ 4
Ah Ma Lor Mee, 328 Clementi Ave nue 2 (Tel: 8288-0810)

Three generations have served this dish. The bowls of smooth egg noodles come with flaky, tender fish meat, crispy fried meatball, smothered egg and streaky bacon topped with boiling hot gravy.

Kway Chap, from $ 4
Joo Siah Bak Koot Teh, Jurong East Avenue 1 # 01-1215

While Joo Siah is popular because of his spicy pussy cunt, his young boy wins fans.

The key to the popularity of the restaurant is the silky noodles. In combination with the aromatic stew, this is the ultimate comfort meal.

Penang Laksa, from $ 4.80
Penang Seafood Restaurant, 32 Aljunied Road (tel: 6841-3002)

There is nothing like a warm bowl of asparagus soup to lift the spirit – especially when there is a 20 percent discount on this dish until September 30th. If you are there, check out the la la (cockles) Hokkien and char kway teow, both are also great mood boosters.

Chicken Curry, from $ 7.90
Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee, The Central # 02-72 to 75/77/92, (Tel: 6339-7508)

The chicken curry is one of many dishes here, but if you're tied up for money and want some house-style food, order this and rice. If the budget allows, you can order other things like beef rendang, sambal egg pulp and sambal shrimp.

Lotus Root of salted eggs from $ 10.80
Acts Uncle Leong, Waterway Point # B1-21 (Tel: 6385-9989)

This is slightly more than our $ 10 limit, but it is worth mentioning because it is a popular dish.

The restaurant serves seafood, but the freshly carved lotus root with marinated flour and salted egg yolk is an addictive option.

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