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The cooling of the earth as a result of the greenhouse effect

Найден способ охлаждения Земли при глобальном потеплении

Scientists have proposed to spray a special substance from the plane.

According to scientists from the University of Harvard and Yale, stopping the greenhouse effect will help to spray into the atmosphere at an altitude of 20 km of special aerosol composed of particles of sulphate compounds, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

Technology will reportedly help twice to reduce the rate of increase in average temperature. Spraying will be carried out by aircraft, high-altitude balloons or special anti-aircraft guns. It is remarkable that there is currently no plane that would have had the sputter mechanism and the aerosol container. According to scientists, the development of the aircraft tanker is a secondary and not so complicated one.

According to preliminary estimates, the creation of the spraying system requires $ 3.5 billion, and its application to 2.25 billion. No more than 15 years is required for all ideas. Scientists have noted that the development system requires the support of governments from different countries.

Active aerosol aerosol can lead to drought in some areas, in connection with which certain countries can lose crops.

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