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BioWare is certainly not done with Mass Effect & # 39;

The future of Sci-fi RPG series Mass Effect from BioWare has been in the air for a while. After the moderate reception of Mass Effect Andromeda in 2017, BioWare Montreal became a "supporting studio", while the series was interrupted endlessly – and the fans wondered if we would ever see another Mass Effect game.

Thanks to a studio profile from Polygon (via PCGamer) we now know that the future is not completely obscure for Commander Shepherd and the crew. We may not see it return for long.

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Asked about the Mass Effect series, BioHare director Mark Darrah assured fans that the developer is not ready with the franchise.

"We are certainly not done with Mass Effect," Darrah told Polygon. "There are many stories to tell, we could build on the discussions we had with Andromeda, we could draw from the Mass Effect 3 threads. There is a lot of interesting space to explore."

Image credit: BioWare

In addition, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson reiterated the team's intention to return to the series when it is possible.

"In my mind, it's very lively," Hudson explained to Polygon. "I constantly think of things that I think are great, and it's just a matter of coming back to it as soon as possible. & # 39;

However, we can wait for a while, because BioWare is currently focusing on the release of online multiplayer shooter Anthem and the upcoming Dragon Age title. So do not hold your breath ….

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