Former Wonder Girls member Sohee cries as Sunmi reminisces about their Wonder Girls days

On November 27, former Wonder girls member Sohee uploaded a vlog on her personal YouTube channel entitled ‘A date with Sunmi 💜 Miso’s mukbang and chats. ‘

In the video, Sohee and Sunmi visited a restaurant they frequent, where they sat down to talk heart to heart. Sunmi recalls, “I remember you (So Hee) always had a hard time mentally every time you complete a production. I’m glad you got better through the efforts you put in. ”

Sunmi continues: “Remember when we returned to Korea from New York? [..] You sent me a long text message one after another. You’re not the kind of person who would say things like that, so I thought we were of great significance to each other back then. I was really worried about you.

After hearing Sunmi confess all this, she cried tears and said: “This is the first time you say thiswhile he held Sumi’s hand tight.

Watch the moving vlog below!

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