Latest coronavirus: US hospital admissions hit record 14th day in a row

Peter Wells in New York

California and Texas reported increases in cases on Monday after record jump in infections over the weekend, while Florida reported the largest one-day jump in deaths in more than a month.

The U.S. states, which rank first, second and third in terms of population – and coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic – are starting to show some of the troubling statistics they showed over the summer, when they hit increase in the number of cases caused by the solar belt.

California reported a further 8,337 cases on Monday, up from 14,319 on Sunday and compared to 9,890 on Monday last week. The state reported a record number of 15,442 infections on Saturday, surpassing the previous record of 12,807 during the summer peak at the end of July.

Texas reported 6,576 new cases on Monday, up from 8,554 on Sunday and compared to 6,858 on Monday last week. The state, which ranks second in population in the US, recorded a record 12,597 new cases on Nov. 21.

Authorities also revealed 128 historical cases, which are not included in the daily count, including 104 from the Houston area.

The Florida health department revealed a further 6,331 cases this afternoon, close to 6,374 on Sunday and compared to 4,530 a week earlier.

Unlike California and Texas, the Sunshine State has reported no more than 10,000 cases in a single day since its worst summer outbreak in July, according to the Financial Times’ analysis of Covid Tracking Project data.

Florida authorities on Monday attributed a further 96 deaths to the corona virus. That’s the biggest one-day increase in fatalities since October 16, and excluding October 22, when technical issues over the weekend resulted in two days of data being reported at once.

The death toll in Texas and California rose 50 and 32, respectively, on Monday. Last week, the two states reported a daily increase in the number of deaths that was the highest in at least a month.

After New York City, Texas, California and Florida have attributed the highest number of deaths to the coronavirus since the pandemic began.

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