Meteor enters the Earth’s atmosphere and creates a Sonic Boom

A large meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere in parts of north eastern American states and to the southern Ontario in Canada, with video footage shared online showing an intense flash – and the loud boom that came with it.

NASA has released satellite images that mapped the meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere over central New York State.

Bill Cooke, Chief of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, told NBC News that the meteor was traveling west at 56,000 mph when it entered the atmosphere around 12:08 a.m.

It then broke out in pieces 35 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, between Rochester and Syracuse, Cooke explained.

This created a sonic boom that could reportedly be heard statewide, with emergency services in Onondaga Country – where Syracuse is located – who said they had received multiple 911 calls from residents, alarmed by the strange noise.

NBC subsidiary WTSM also reported that the boom could be heard in the nearby counties of Oswego and Madison.

Cooke said that when the meteor broke up, it created a massive flash over Lake Ontario – the shores of which are Ontario in Canada and upstate New York. America.

T.he American Meteor Society reported there were nearby 150 sightings of residents sharing the fireball above from other US states, including Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Credit: NASA Meteor Watch
Credit: NASA Meteor Watch
Meteor Captured On Camera Exploding Over Ocean Near Tasmania
published on14 days ago

A woman named Bekka Gunner had been dog sledding in Royalton, Niagara County – located in northwestern New York State – on Wednesday afternoon when she accidentally met theeof on her phone’s camera.

She posted the images on Facebook and wrote: “Holy #%[email protected]$ & !!! I have chills. Speaking of cosmic energy! What are the odds of seeing this, let alone getting it on video! Also my comment is sooooo 2020!

Edit: Apparently there were multiple reports of this meteor in Buffalo. I just happen to be the one lucky enough to be facing east with a phone answering just that moment!

“Im to go go buy a lottery ticket I think !!! “

Speak against WGRZ-TV, she explained: “Actually my phone fell off trying to record swans as there are swans in the swamps right now. “

After focusing on the swans, she turned her phone back to the track in front of her.

She continued: “What I thought I saw was a kite, it looked like someone had let his kite go.

It looked a little angular, purple and greenish, just like a shiny looking thing … and before you blink, it’s gone. “

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