STRANGER THINGS Season three arrives on July 4th

It looks like there will be fireworks.

Last night, just a few hours before 2018, 2019, Netflix was beating on Twitter to reveal the following:

Yes, that's right – it's a new poster for Stranger Things season three, which now has a release date of July 4!

As you can see, here are some Hawkins, the beloved characters from Indiana, represented: Elf, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Will & # 39; s bowl cut, Will & # 39; s shorts. In addition to the fireworks above your head, you can see a fun fair in the distance, while in the foreground something coarse can be seen. There is also an ominous slogan. This is definitely one Stranger Things poster!

Now that we know the episode titles of season three and when we will see them, chances are that we will see a complete picture Stranger Things season three trailer too long (smart money is on the Super Bowl). Keep an eye on that and do not make any fixed plans for July 4th. We have something to do to watch.

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