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Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu responded to criticism of her behavior at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan on Saturday (Nov. 21).

Hsu took the stage with veteran actor Tsai Chen-nan to present the awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography.

Hsu, 45, is also a producer and actress in the movie Little Big Women, which was nominated for six awards, including Best Leading Actress for Chen Shu-fang and Best Supporting Actress for Hsieh Ying-xuan.

Chen was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress for another film, Best Tenant.

Hsu seemed to be more nervous than the nominees before announcing the winner for Best Supporting Actress.

She said she hoped Hsieh would win the award, which some took as a sign of disrespect for the other four nominees.

Hsu then opened the envelope for the Best Supporting Actress winner, but said she was afraid to look at it and handed it to Tsai.

He was about to declare the winner when she took the envelope back, looked at it, and announced that Chen had won Best Renter.

The whole process dragged on for about five minutes. There were strong reactions from netizens, who disapproved of Hsu for being “rude”, “trying too hard to be humorous” and “talking too much”.


In response to the online brickbats, Hsu wrote a late message Saturday.

She said in Chinese, “Being a producer for the first time, I tried to do my best. I was also a little excited and nervous trying to cheer up the procedure.

Forgive me if there are any imperfections and thank you for all the criticism and advice. Thanks to Brother Nan for the wonderful sentence. ‘

Tsai had previously said that Hsu announced the winner that no one would remember the winners a week after the ceremony.

Chen also won best lead actress on Saturday.

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