Overwatch announces European Cosplay Battle tournament

I still do not have my stuff together, maybe next year

If one thing is true, it is Blizzard's Overwatch and the art of cosplay goes hand in hand. With a collection of heroes of all shapes and sizes, with a whole series of unique looks, equipment and weapons, it seems almost specially designed to encourage cosplayers to practice their profession as Tracer, Mei, Junkrat and the rest of the gang.

It is so popular a cosplay choice, in fact, that Overwatch has announced a special contest for Europe to find the best and most creative artists to replicate the OW grid. During the dress-off, six teams from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Russia will present their best character repreats. The winners will be decided by a jury consisting of Blizzard artists and pro-cosplayers. Fans will also be able to vote online to select a "Community & Choice" champion.

The winners will be announced on November 26th. You can find more information on the official Overwatch Cosplay website. I've been considering cosplaying for a while for fun, but I do not think I'll put my shit together for this contest, which is good luck for all other newcomers.

Overwatch is now available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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