Kalashnikov wants to produce electric cars and compete with Tesla

The Russian producer Kalashnikov wants to enter the market for electric cars and compete with Tesla.

"That's not a joke, we're behind this," said a Russian spokesman on Friday, before the Kalashnikov in Moscow presented the prototype of the "electric superstar" in the retro style of the Soviet model IŽ-21252, which is a combo from the 70s. .

Kalashnikov was inspired by Tesla's experience with the development of the CV-1 electric vehicle, according to Ria Novosti, a Russian company that wants to compete with American billionaire producer Elon Musko in the future.

Kalashnikov claims that his electric vehicle has a maximum of 350 kilometers per hour and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6 seconds. The company also wants to produce electric bicycles.

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