New Apple Store in Milan: Dry Foot to Shop Under Fountain Commercial real estate

Last month, Apple's latest addition to Apple's consumer electronics and consumer electronics chain was opened. Apple Piazza Liberty is located in the heart of Milan, near the most famous landmark, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady.

The main developer of Apple Store stores is Stefan Behling from the Foster + Partners studio, who has been working with Appl for four years. The concept of Apple Piazza Liberty is based on the fountain, an inalienable part of the Italian square. A striking fountain stands out from the Vittorio Emanuelle II cemetery at the end of the San Paolo passage.

There was a fountain in the main part of Piazza del Liberta. In the middle of the narrower sides of the fountain, an eight-meter-high covered glass space, the so-called portal, is located along the wider sides of the portal. There are a number of 56 watercourses extending up to the upper edge (see video).

Apple Piazza Liberty in MilanSource: Nigel Young

Apple Piazza Liberty in MilanSource: Foster + Partners

From the portal, the staircase leads to the store in the second basement. The tramp surrounds the water. Stefan Behling told the server that he wanted to express the joy of living with the portal, inspired by his experience in his youth.

Stairs made of glass and polished stainless steel are sculpted to create lumps of light. Blog Design @ Large compared them with "knives".

Apple Piazza Liberty in MilanSource: Apple

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