PC Revue | F1 technology in the street for legal driving: Hypercar Mercedes-AMG ONE

Before the launch of the Paris Motor Show in 2018, the brand announces the name of the future hypercar: Mercedes-AMG ONE. The designation embodies the highest automotive needs: delivering Form 1 hybrid technology for travel. The Mercedes-AMG ONE will be the solo model in the model portfolio and the absolute top model.

Active aerodynamics, currently undergoing aerodynamic tunnel tests, receive a multi-stage two-stage retractable tailgate for maximum racing power.

Future Mercedes-AMG ONE customers can now get comprehensive information about the vehicle's progress: the Mercedes-AMG in the exclusive mobile showroome presents itself under the name "The future of driving performance" ("The Future of Driving Performance"), the current state of the hypercar, including trying to sit in cockpits and demonstrating individual equipment options. It makes a tailor-made trailer with detachable sides possible.

This creates a showroom for mobile customers with a café, a lounge and a variety of information items, such as touchscreen animations, sample materials and examples of color options. The content is regularly updated and updated. Showtruck is now available for Mercedes-AMG ONE customers in the Mercedes-Benz branch in Munich for the first time.

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