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At the Moscow Motor Show, Renault presents a big surprise: the first SUV coupe. Fundamentals borrow from Dacia Duster, just like the Russian Kaptur. Although it is a global model, it is not certain that it will also reach the rest of Europe.

The first published photo reveals the name of the new ...

It reveals the first
the name of the new French coupe SUV, but also the evolution of the rear
lamps connected to the light bar.
Author: Renault

About the plan to bring the world's first coupé SUV with the Renault logo
French car manufacturer about a month ago. And now he will be tough.
The premiere is behind the corner. It will be introduced in Moscow this month
Show. So far only as a concept, but not as a distant reality. On the market,
although only the Russian will join next year. Make Renault
drew attention to his novel, published the first slide back
games. And that reveals the name. The name Arkan is derived from Latin
Arcanum, which means mystery.

And mystery is really enough. It is only that Arkana will use it
Dacia's cheap technique, such as the Russian Kaptur, built on the ground
Duster. This is why it can drive, unlike the European Renault Captur
both axles. The size of Arkan is placed under Kadjar and has none
nothing in common with Dacia. The front mask will call the new Mégane. rear end
The part is more innovative. Increasingly wider new Renault lighting
they grow into an integral unit connected by the light bar.

The sketch of the front clearly shows that ...

The sketch of the front clearly shows
to discover that despite the use of Dacia, Renault has reserved space
fully autonomous design.
Author: Renault

The technique under the hood is nothing known. But we could expect it
1.3 TCe, 1.6 SCe and 1.5 dCi diesel, a Duster in the neighborhood.
The question remains whether Arkan crosses the western border of Russia. That's all
the fact that Renault speaks about it as a global model. But in mind
can have South America or India as a Western and Central Europe.
Eventually the production will be delivered by the Renault race in Moscow, where Arkan will be
to leave the lines with Kapturom. But Europe is not entirely
No chance.

In the French media, information is told that a comparable model
the same name goes for more demanding markets, but with more modern markets
the CMF platform used by Renault's new models, including Mégane. It was
it would look somewhat like Kapturom and Capturom, but now we are here
they had Arcan and Arcana models. If the second scenario is fulfilled, we will have to do it
attractive French Coupe SUV to wait until 2020. To the first Russian
customers will arrive in the future.

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