Ryanair has decided to cancel it!

The company announced that passengers will be able to carry a small 40x20x25 centimeter bag free of charge from November 1st and place them under their seats.

Strict punishment for an accident in a drunkenness: without life without a ride!

The baggage of ten kilos costs six to ten euros. If you have already made a reservation for the flight after 1 November 2018, you can agree to the new rules or cancel the flight and return the money.

If you have a prepaid priority of a passenger, you have 10 kg of baggage free of charge.

From now on we pay the hand luggage of 10 kg.

From now on we pay the hand luggage of 10 kg.

Photo by Matej Kalina

You have three options to choose from. You can opt for a small handbag or backpack, which is free. If you want to travel with a handbag, you must pay a maximum of 10 euros or pay the priority (priority) of the passenger.

The price also depends on the location of the baggage. You pay six to eight euros for a suitcase on the lower deck, if you want to have more than eight to ten euros overhead. You also save when you buy your luggage at the same time as the ticket. If you book it for your flight, it is also more expensive.

Ryanair justified the change in the delay, which he said caused passengers with too much hand luggage. The company said it would increase the allowable dimensions for all luggage.

Changes apply to tickets purchased by people after 1 September, regardless of the date of the flight. They also pay for all flights after 1 November.


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