Slovak motorists fueled slightly cheaper petrol and diesel at petrol stations

BRATISLAVA, Aug. 24 ( – Prices of gasoline and diesel at Slovak petrol stations have declined slightly after two weeks of growth.

As reported by the Slovak Bureau of Statistics, the price of 95-octane gas last week fell by 0.14% compared to the previous week, 98% by octane gasoline by 0.06% and 0.16% by diesel oil. The LPG prices also fell by 1.75%. CNG prices remained unchanged.

In the 33rd week of this year, motorists at the petrol stations in Slovakia were able to refuel the best-selling 95-octane petrol at an average of 1,413 euros per liter, while 98 octane petrol stood at 1,620 euros per liter. Diesel drivers could, on average, purchase 1,259 euros per liter. LPG can be imported at 0.619 euros per liter. The average CNG price was 1,150 euros per kilogram.

At the end of 2017, 95 octane of petrol stood at an average of 1,305 euros per liter. The price of 98-octane petrol was on average 1,513 euros per liter. The liter LPG offered petrol stations at an average price of 0.587 euros. The diesel fuel price at the end of 2017 amounted to € 1,177 per liter. CNG costs drivers around 1.11 euros per kilogram.

Reference period Natural gas 95 octane * Petrol natural 98 octane * LPG * diesel fuel CNG **
32nd week 2018 1415 1621 0630 1261 1150
Week 33 of 2018 1413 1620 0619 1259 1150
change -0002 -0001 -0011 -0002

Source: ŠÚ SR
* price in euros & # 39; s per liter
** price in euros & # 39; s per kilogram

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