Slovaks choose coffee on the basis of quality, according to a Slovnaft survey

Seven out of ten respondents said that they decide on quality when buying coffee.

On the occasion of the International Day of Coffee, which celebrates the world on October 1, Slovnaft realized the "Great Caulking Survey". He showed unambiguously that most Slovaks enjoy their coffee several times a day and mainly drink it because of the taste and smell. Slovnaft operates 155 Fresh Corner stores in its retail network, which sell more than 20,000 cups of coffee every day.

Slovnaft conducted an online survey at the end of September (the survey was conducted via the social network Facebook and covered 1050 respondents), with the emphasis on the drinking habits of Slovaks. According to the survey, coffee is an important part of the lives of up to 90% of respondents who enjoy it at least once a day. Eight out of ten people pick up their coffee immediately after being awakened in the comfort of their home, and apart from the smell and taste they drink it mainly because of their ritual.

The most popular coffee for more than half of the respondents (53%) is espresso, which also dominates the sales of Fresh Corner. Up to seven in ten people, when choosing a place to buy coffee, focuses on their quality and consequently on the atmosphere, the price / quality ratio and comfort. This is the focus of the Fresh Corner network. "In the eyes of our customers, Slovnaft has always been committed to high fuel quality, and we want to get the non-fired goods on the same level and benefit from their potential, so we focus on maximum quality in Fresh Corner stores with the emphasis on coffee and snacks, " said Timea Reicher, head of the Slovnaft retail network.

Coffee in Fresh Corneri comes from plantations around the world. The process to choose it began with the taste of 40 different coffee blends that professional barbers chose the best. Then they tasted the customers who had made their choice. The taste of experts and customers meet in the resulting coffee mix. The coffee is made from 70% Arabica and 30% robust, which ensures a balanced taste. It is adapted to the Italian way of burning and is not only suitable for the preparation of Italian espresso, but also for cappuccino or latte.

The current offer from Slovnaft also speaks for a good offer in Fresh Corneri. The ambassador of the campaign is a popular moderator and gourmet Milan "Junior" Zimnýkoval. Fresh Corner regularly visits for fine coffee and snacks. "Because I am a goat, my choice is clear: coffee in Fresh Corneri is in the TOP category," Junior said. The job of becoming the ambassador for the campaign was welcomed and while he was working with his name as a brand, he added that "For every brand there is a profit when it wants to connect another brand that shares the same or even the same values, and I was lucky to have it at Slovnaft."

The first three petrol stations of Fresh Corner were opened by Slovnaft in July 2015. A new range of snacks and delicious coffee was quickly enjoyed by customers and another 55 Fresh Corners were added in 2016. At present their number in the country is higher than 150 and is opened every week. By the end of 2018, Fresh Corner stores will be part of more than 70% of the Slovnaft petrol stations. The upgrade of stores continues in the following year, when the Fresh Corner stores are located at 227 of the 253 Slovnaft filling stations.

Up to now, Slovnaft has invested more than 30 million euros in the reconstruction of petrol stations and in the redevelopment of stores. About the upgrades and the opening of other Fresh Corner plans to spend more than 17 million euros.

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