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The Japanese car manufacturer did not care about Vright's innovation. The diesel has dropped the supply, but a turbocharger for petrol and a number of auxiliary systems has been added. Facelift accompanies design changes both on the outside and in the cabin.

You know the new Vitaru thanks to six ...

You will especially know renowned Vitaru
thanks to the six vertical bars in the front mask. You will also find more chrome
on the bumper.
Author: Suzuki

In 2015 the off-road Grand Vitary became modern and light
SUV. Suzuki, however, took a risky step. European sales have grown immediately.
From 43,247 units in 2015 to 72,301 in the previous one. Vitara is like that
she returned to the numbers she had achieved in times of great glory. Japanese
however, they leave nothing to chance. Call up the birthday of this model
came to the world in 1998, wounded by modernization. And she is far away
not just design. Renovated is the exterior, interior, engines and pallet
modern auxiliary systems. All this makes Vith stronger

LED tail lights have received new graphics with three ...

The LED tail lights have become new
images with three light lines. The bumper has been redesigned
lower lining.
Author: Suzuki

At first glance it gets a new mask with five holes and vertical
chrome strips. Inspired by the iV4 concept and Vitarou Sport.
Shiny decorations can also be found in the bumper and the diode.
The rear is dominated by the redesigned LEDs with three lines, as well
improved bumper with a new protective lining. A number of paintings were added
Solar yellow pearl and gray-white metallic shades. Increase the feeling for quality
Suzuki also tried it in the cabin. The dashboard is now made
of plastics. The instrument panel got new graphics and
Replace the monochrome display with a 4.2-inch color.

The cab is more valuable thanks to the soft ...

The cabin works more thank you
soft plastic dashboard, but also more precise graphics
dashboard with a color screen of 4.2 inches. He replaced it
original black and white.
Author: Suzuki

It contains a number of new security functions and system functions
4 × 4 AllGrip. They also have chrome decorations on the door and in the middle
console. The Premium and Elegance versions have a full finish
restraint. Suzuki also worked on safety. Vitara can read
traffic signs and autonomous brakes are detected, not only thanks to a new camera
cars & # 39; s, but also pedestrians. Warning against involuntary leaving the road
current is now being supplemented with active help. For the first time Vitara can
count the blind spot mirrors and the space behind the vehicle.
When slogging at 8 km / h it warns about crossing vehicles. versions
the automatic gearbox has an adaptive cruise control with full function
stop & go.

Under the hood only petrol is filled with ...

Under the hood are only petrol
overloaded 1.0 BoosterJet engines (82 kW) and 1,4 BoosterJet (103 kW). both
can be combined with a 4×4 drive or an automatic gearbox.


There was almost no stone under the hood. Except for the well-known things
motor 1,4 BoosterJet (103 kW), which is exclusively designed for
Vitaru S. Now is a regular part of the offer. Can be connected to
6-speed automatic gearbox with 4×4 AllGrip. original
Atmospheric 4-cylinder 1.6-liter VVT (88 kW) replaced the turbo 3-cylinder
1.0 BoosterJet (82 kW). He is also combined with a quad. version
the front-wheel drive must be fitted with the machine. The original is completely out of the offer
diesel 1.6 DDiS. Still, Suzuki promises to be a promising sobriety.
The stronger engine consumes just 5.8 liters per 100 km according to the new WLTP

Suzuki has humiliated the Vith. She did not expect anyone
of dealers. Since mid-September it is available for all parts.
Basic price 1.0 BoosterJet 2WD Comfort starts from
14 790 euros.

Dimensions and volumes

Length (mm) 4175
Width (mm) 1775
Height (mm) 1610
Wheelbase (mm) 2500
Format trunk (l) 375-120/47

Technical data

engine 1.0 BoosterJet 1.0 BoosterJet 4WD 1.4 BoosterJet 1,4 Boosterjet AWD
Number of cylinders / valves 3/12 3/12 4/16 4/16
Cubic capacity (ccm) 998 998 1373 1373
Max. power (kw / rev.) 82/5 500 82/5 500 103/5 500 103/5 500
Max. cruel. moment (Nm / rev.) 160-170 / 2000 170/2 000 220/1 500 220/1 500
gear box 5M / 6AT 5M 6M / 6AT 6M / 6AT
0 – 100 km / h (s) 11.5 / 12.5 12.5 9.5 / 9.5 10.2 / 10.2
Max. speed (km / h) 180 180 200 200
Consumption per 100 km (l) 5.8 / 5.9 6.1 / 6.3

Suzuki Vitara -

Suzuki Vitara -

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