The Czech Republic also investigates Microsoft in Hungary. For indirect bribery

Authorities glorify the disputed software licenses.

The US Department of Justice and the Securities Control Commission (SEC) are investigating Microsoft for possible corruption in the sale of software licenses to government agencies in Hungary. They say the sources of the Wall Street Journal.

The company was there with great discounts to sell licenses to partner companies. They then sold them to the state almost for the full price. Authorities investigate suspicions that the price difference of the company was used to bribe officials.

Hungary is quiet

Intermediate business deals still had to take place between 2013 and 2014. Microsoft sold software with, for example, Word and Excel Office Tools worth approximately $ 60 million (51.8 million). In this period, it would be the best winning industry of Microsoft.

Microsoft has also started its own internal investigation. The newspaper said that he had already dismissed the four employees who participated in the controversial contracts. Among them was István Papp, Hungarian head of the Hungarian branch.

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Software free? The state excluded it and bought hundreds of thousands of licenses from Microsoft

The company also concluded the cooperation with four Hungarian partner companies. It justified this by violating its rules.

The Hungarian government has repeatedly failed to respond to the request for a speech.

History is repeated

This is not the first case of Microsoft. For the same reasons, his business relations in China, Pakistan, Romania, Russia and Italy have been revised in the past. The state of research into these causes is unknown.

Only in March was the anti-corruption police and military police in the neighboring Czech Republic. Razis in the buildings of the Ministries of the Interior and Defense, as well as at the branch of Microsoft, aimed at screening selected public IT contracts, informs his website

Microsoft is investigating behavior that is opposed to competition, writes WSJ. The company works with the authorities.

The software also buys SR

Microsoft licenses are also used by Slovakia. Only last month we informed them that they want to use more than 100,000 in the coming years. The current full licenses will replace the subscription model, according to estimates by state economists, with a cost of € 13.5 million per year.

Martina Slabejová

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If we end the digital leader and the head of the computerization of Slabej, we know the name of the successor

We remind that the current digital leader of Slovakia and at the same time head of computerization at the office of the Slovakian Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatics, Martin Slabejová, worked at Microsofte between 1999 and 2016.

Since 2012 he is CEO of the Central European and Central European (CEE) markets. He is currently planning to leave both state functions for health reasons. It would be the next few weeks.

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