The financial contribution for the purchase of electric cars was 831 applicants in the SR Article articles

Bratislava, 24 August (TASR) – The very first project to support electric cars has been very successful. The Ministry of Communications of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MH) of the Slovak Republic has stated.

The first project for the direct support of electric vehicles in Slovakia by sector of the economy has significantly contributed to increasing their sales and expansion. The financial contribution for the purchase of electric cars & plug-in hybrid cars was acquired by more than 830 applicants, and the registration of electric and hybrid vehicles increased by 400% on an annual basis. Despite the fact that the entire volume of resources has not been used up, the project has given an important impulse to the development of electromobility. The economic center of the Slovak Republic is planning further measures for its development, including support for the construction of a charging station network.

MH SR is evaluating the first project to support electric vehicles in Slovakia in a positive way. There were a total of 831 applicants for subsidies for the purchase of electric cars, of which 514 were exclusively electric vehicles. Approximately EUR 3.5 million has been used to receive applications. "The Ministry of Economic Affairs has also helped to build the base of the electric vehicle fleet in Slovakia, we will continue to support electromobility, but we will now concentrate on the development of infrastructure," said Minister of Economy Peter Žiga (Smer- SD).

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the result of the support is an important development of the market for electric cars for cars. While only 188 new electric and hybrid vehicles were registered in 2015 and another 434 in 2016, following the launch of the project in November 2016, their number increased sharply. In 2017, up to 2178 registrations of new electric vehicles were added, which means a year-on-year increase of more than 400%. The positive trend continues in 2018, when another 1427 car registrations arrived in the first 6 months. In total, nearly 4300 electric vehicles and hybrids were registered in Slovakia at the end of June, with the assumption of further growth.

The project, which was prepared by the Automobile Industry Association (ZAP) of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, started in November 2016 and was originally a year. Finally, he attracted great interest at the end of June this year. To support the purchase of electric cars & plug-in hybrid cars, funds from the recycling fund were paid out. The project contributed to the development of the market for these vehicles and contributed to a broad debate and a broader awareness of electric cars. Slovakia also fulfills its emission reduction obligations and responds responsibly to public health.

The economic center is continuing its activities to support electromobility and is preparing a series of comprehensive measures under the title "Action Plan for the Development of Electro-Mobility in the Slovak Republic". It will contain about 15 measures that have the nature of direct or stimulating support. It is, for example, a financial mechanism to support the development of charging infrastructure, the distinctive marking of electric vehicles or the use of special lanes by electric vehicles.

MH SR added that the government approved this week during the meeting of a change to the Grant Act that regulates the conditions for granting a subsidy to support the construction, reconstruction and reconstruction of a public electric charging station. Against this background, the economic sector has already adopted an amendment to the Energy Act, which considerably facilitates the operation of charging stations. The operator of the charging station is no longer considered an entrepreneur in the energy sector, which imposes a number of administrative tasks on him.

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