Time magazine is in the hands of techno-billionaire Marco Benioff

Benioff said he and his wife would respect this organization and its iconic brand.

The American weekly magazine Time goes back to new owners – almost eight months after it was sold to the American media group Meredith Corporation. This time the magazine personally buys $ 190 million, co-founder of Salesforce.com, Marc Benioff and his wife.

Salesforce.com is an American company that engages in the development and distribution of cloud business software.

Representatives of Meredith Corporation said in a statement that the Benifers would not "participate in daily activities or journalism," reported the BBC news portal Monday, but the agreement could be concluded within a few months, but it still has to be approved by the supervisor.

Benioff said he and his wife would respect this organization and its iconic brand.

"The power of Time always consisted of the unique story about the stories and problems of people who touch us all and who also connect us", wrote Benioff about shopping on the social network of Twitter.

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Benioffers take over the magazine at a time when printed media are exposed to uncertain circumstances; Time has declined in recent years and struggled with a decline in advertising revenue.

Meredith Corporation has the purchase of parent company Time Inc. finished in January and shortly thereafter she has sold some of her most famous magazine titles.

Benioff, whose ownership for Forbes is $ 6.7 billion, is by far the newest person in the technology world to buy a traditional print magazine. Amazon Jeff Bezos, the head of the internet trade, bought The Washington Post in 2013.

Lauren Powell & # 39; s Jobs, a widow of Apple & # 39; s founder Steve Jobs, last year acquired a large share in the socio-political magazine The Atlantic.

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