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Kremnica, 25 August (TASR) – The Kremnica in Central Slovakia is alive this weekend with a lot of humor. Celebrities of funny fun met at the 38th International Festival of Humor and satire Kremnické gagy 2018. The two day program of the day focused mainly on children and young spectators. In Kremnica it cooled down, so the shirts replaced the lights and sweatshirts. But it did not make any difference.

The German cabaret artist Günter Fortmeier brought the shadow theater of Kremnica called Hands Up Comedy. He has been involved in this kind of art for more than 25 years. With hands, darkness, light and small props, he can make incredible images. Thanks to his sense of humor and extraordinary original technique, he has won several cabaret prizes.

Lucia Kašiarová and Vanda Hybner have introduced a heavenly interactive game for the youngest, named Angelky. Two uncomfortable angels guard the heavenly gate. But where should they play? The heavenly gate, however, does not have to be controlled, so time and imagination will also be found. And because the performance is interactive, several children have been involved.

The street clown, improviser and entertainer Mr.Qwirk, citizen name Russel Gray, measured the road to Kremnica from Australia. His shawl offered skilled manipulation of things, risky acrobatics and juggling. He used various items, including rubber gloves, four-stroke hose, bicycle pump, ping-pong balls and mace.

The street performance of Klunov is also popular in Kremnica. One of them was presented by the Austrian Sebastian Berger and Christine Hapt. Their show called Fenfire offered an extraordinary technique with unusual burning objects, all in combination with typical Viennese humor.

The Puppet comedy, inspired by the story of the Penguin family, was offered by the Czech Bilbo Company. Teatar Comic represented Roman Mihálka and Adrián Ohrádka with the production of The Knight & # 39; s Story. The wandering comedians and the marinette told the story of a knight who had chosen the world to win a beautiful princess for a woman. There are many obstacles on the road that the brave knight can handle even with the help of children.

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