Mass massage at Farma: Shudade almost smothered the smoke

With relations to farm that is clearly not as outlined as it seems at first glance. At least at a time when farmers are a bit loose. At that moment I would like to make time for joint activities. The "mass massage" campaign started the trio Táňa Brunayová. Peter Harezník and Miša Štefániková as part of their classic burgers.

Silvia Šuvadová this activity immediately rose to the highest spiritual level and began to massage each other. He joined Juro Solcansky and one of them TWIINS-IEK. Farmers have received positive energy and smoke. Bafla and even Silvia, who almost suffocated from heavy tobacco.

You have not seen this on the screen:

Farm X will take place on Monday, October 1 at 21:20 in Markiza

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