Mobile music The statue of Dež Ursiny in Dúbravka is made of stainless steel with the aim of rusting steel

The sculptor Mira Podmanická ends with the completion of a monument for the Slovakian composer and singer Dež Ursiny. It is celebrated on Saturday September 29th and with a colorful cultural hour program of several hours in the Dúbravka in Bratislava.

Of the two submitted artistic proposals, the Cultural Committee of the City Council of Dubravka approved a named object mention. It symbolizes the book, the metal pages are information about Dezovi ursinym and a selection of the lyrics of his songs. "The monument is made of stainless steel and steel that deliberately rust to pass a certain process, it is more than two meters high and weighs about half a ton, it is my biggest sculpture," she told TASR Mira Podmanická.

The object is installed near the Ursiny apartment Fedakova Street. He lives, writes, plays, writes, hunts, hunts, hunts, hunts and hunts. However, his songs live on in the making, books, music, movies and memories. "Ursiny's link is meant to draw attention to the memorial and the mentioned event A memorial for Dejawho will guide his exposure. It is scheduled for Saturday, the last weekend of the late Dezen seventy, "explains the event, one of the initiators of the project, a member of the Cultural Commission Juraj Štekláč.

The creation of the memorial and the memorial for Deja supported the municipal part of Dúbravka, the autonomous region of Bratislava and the cultural and information center of Bratislava. The event is part of the reverberation of the Cultural Summer and the Bratislava Castle Celebrations.

Source: TASR
Photo by Tomas Pisek

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