50 firefighters destroy the fire in Senci, some trains crawl

Fire on the railway caused more than ten fires.

Firefighters from the Bratislava region intervene in a fire on the railway between Sencom and Ivanka on the Danube. He informed the regional management of the fire and rescue service (HaZZ) in Bratislava.

"In the Operations Center, shortly before the quarter, twelve firefightings were reported alongside the railway line between the towns of Senec and Ivanka on the Danube, and after arriving at the site, the firefighters found that there was a fire of more than 10 fireplaces along the line between the cities of Ivanka on the Danube, Bernolákovo, Veľký Biel and Senec, "informs HaZZ.

There are 48 members of the site with 15 fire extinguishers.

Firefighters are currently busy overcrowding the outbreaks in the village of Bernolákovo. No one was injured by the fire.

They are pulling trains

The planting fire is located near the railway line, which runs high-speed trains and passenger trains from the Bratislava main railway station in the direction of Banská Bystrica and Košíc.

Thus the speed to Banska Bystrica was renounced from Bratislava. Passengers should therefore drive to the EC in the direction of Budapest, which exceptionally stops in Galante. Once there, passengers can cross the train to their destination.

We advise passengers to check their train delays before they start driving.

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