A family business from Nitra won a gastronomic Oscar in London

Almond butter produced in Nitra received a gourmet Oscar. And with three stars, what has not happened in Slovakia. The small family business of Zuzka (30) and Michael (31) married in London this year for up to 12 stars for sweet pastries.

After working for other companies, disappointments and setbacks, Zuzka (30) and Michal (31) decided to start their own business. The former garages were transformed into a production hall from which the numbing aroma of roasted almonds and chocolates spread. For their products they received a gourmet Oscar in London, to which eight products were awarded. Almond has even got three stars, which has not yet been done in Slovakia.

Marcela (37) Open the gallery

"Everything was long, many downsides and disappointments. Last fall we wanted to close the company, we were in loss and we did not know what to do. Today we will not meet the demand, "says Michal, who did business with his wife, Zuzka and two young children, Julinka (3) and the two-month old Vilko." Our goal is to set up a family-friendly business so that our employees feel good ", adds Zuzka.

A small company now has seven employees who can afford to work as much as they want. "I can not get through it, I can eat the whole pot during the day. I do not even talk about roasted almonds, "laughs Gabika (57)." Awards are deserved, almond butter is instantly addictive, it can not be resisted ", says Marcela (37).

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